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As well as card and gift shops, I also supply cards to:
•  Stately Homes   •  Country Boutiques & Stores   •  Book shops   •  Delis   •  Farm Shops   •  Garden Centres Greetings cards and posters sell comfortably well in these establishments.


Why not open a Trade Account by filling out the form below as my cards do sell rather well. Trade Prices from £1.50 per card, with a great return: RRP anywhere between £2.80 (min) to £3.50 (max) and free UK delivery for orders over £100.

Woman Choosing a Foxer Card.

Below is my link to download (40 pages, file size is: 4.9MB) my current Trade Catalogue for you to flick through at your leisure and includes a Trade order form. Alternatively, you may wish to just download the Trade order form on its own (4 pages, file size is only: 70K) from the link at the bottom of this page.

Foxer Cards Catalogue.

Your Details for a Trade Account

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Apply NOW for a FREE Trade Account.

Simply complete the form below. Once I receive your application I'll verify your details, this usually takes one about one working day. I'll contact you by email to let you know your account has been activated.

Trade Account

Link to Download Trade Order form only:

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