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Replacement Card

Sometime, just sometimes ... a card made for you by myself and posted via Royal Mail to your address sadly never arrives   😥


Especially as Royal Mail currently (as at September 2022) has and is on strike for more pay. I always get a Royal Mail Postal Receipt which I will forward to my customer if they tell me their card didn't arrive*.

Understandably, my client requests that I 'replace the lost card' but sadly that means 'I am out of pocket' due to no fault of my own. 

To be 'fair to both me and my client', I'm prepared to reprint the card order and send if again using 1st class Royal Mail Post (again I stress, I have no control over their delivery) but need to 'share the cost' and will only charge half of the original cost, that's £1.75.

Just order here for your replacement card, by entering the cards order date and reference from your email confirmation from Etsy/Wix platforms, and it's title, and any personalisation you requested, and I'll get it done ASAP ... I hope you agree that this is fair to both of us.

*You need to allow 7 days from receipt of order as to allow any
Royal Mail delivery hick-ups to get sorted for a replacement.

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