Welcome to my gallery of hounds, feline and equine portraits . . .
. . . plus some 'rum-ole-characters' – see my greeting cards and the shop

My name is Alex Benn, living in beautiful North Norfolk with my lovely wife and three springer spaniels.
A love of the British countryside, my favourite subjects being 'hound' portraits often featuring their owners.  


An artist for over 25 years working in graphic arts in advertising and marketing agencies in London. Just thought one day to use my skills doing what I like best . . . painting my dogs! Friends wanted similar portraits . . . and so it took off from there!


Customers email me or PM via Facebook, 6 to 12 reference pics of their chosen buddy, face on and sides views (typical photos off your smartphone, tablet or laptop) ideally taken in daylight and at the dogs eye height make for the best working reference photos. Add a little history about him or hers, character, fun things, likes and dislikes to get me 'into-the-zone!' Then I come up with a composition that I think works, but more importantly does justice to your dog, horse, cat.

Also, I do like the humour attached to the many 'country characters' I have had the pleasure of meeting and making friends with. So I created a gallery just for these lighthearted greetings cards. These are featured in the 'The Foxer Collection' sections above. It's all an on-going body of work. 


If you can share my pictures to help me 'get known' I'd be very grateful. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me on Facebook or you can email me (Alex Benn) and just ask away?

Kind regards,      Alex Benn