Why not capture the 'spirit' of your dog with a portrait?

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I paint many dogs . . . sadly many having left us . . . but many still giving us hours and hours of pleasure. Below is a gallery of portraits that I have had the pleasure in getting to know the dogs by name, whilst capturing their likeness for their devoted owners. I hope you like them as much as I do whilst I've had in capturing their 'spirit' in one of my portraits.

My portraits are £270 for a single subject 30x40 centimetre canvas and are 18mm thick,* payable over two monthly instalments, if it helps you to afford your 'me' present ... how does that sound to capture the likeness of your best pal?

You get fine art canvas portrait of your 'best pal' on linen backed canvas. They are cut to size and carefully stretched onto a solid wooden frames, stretched and delivered to your door and ready to hang on your wall. These are very popular to date as can be seen throughout my web site and Facebook pages.


If you are thinking of having a portrait of your 'best pal' painted within the near future then please consider one of my portraits by contacting me Alex Benn via the contact form below.

* Terms and Conditions apply and may change without notice.

See some of my friends by clicking on their portraits below ...

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