A nice dishwasher proof mug featuring your best pal . . .

What are you getting?

My aim is to produce a piece of artwork to have printed onto a quality mug with your dogs picture wrapped around and blended seamlessly on both sides of the mug . . . AND . . . you can have a few words on the front . . . see examples and then just fill in the custom text box. You'll need to email your photo / pic with this orders reference and your name and contact details to: foxercards@btinternet.com

I'd love to do them cheaper but as each mug is ‘personalised to the owner’ and there is quite a lot of work to include YOUR dog into my artwork to get each mug looking right when printed.

But they do look great . . . and are unique to you with the wrap-around design.

YOUR dog on YOUR mug . . . cheers!

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